Thank You for Attending Our Workshop with Germania!

Thank you for attending our 2-day workshop with Germania! As promised, we want to deliver you some resources that you can take home to your team.

Being the Leader Your Agency Needs To Perform

This presentation has all of our top statistics from our Agency Assessment.

We review the top 10 objectives every successful agency practices:

  1. Routine work and development of agency culture.
  2. Development of a forever-recruiting strategy.
  3. Consistent agency meetings on-site and off-site. 
  4. Identification of agency leadership within all team members.
  5. Detailed performance feedback. 
  6. Goal-setting with incentive plans and clear goal-tracking. 
  7. Relentless pursuit of maximizing agency technology.
  8. Constant training and development of people.
  9. Investments in marketing and branding.
  10.  Clear identification of agency target markets.

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Creating Your Agency’s Customer Experience

Creating and defining your agency’s customer experience will help set you apart from the competition. Download this presentation for all the details your agency needs to create your customized process.

  • Customer Experience Philosophy
    • What exactly is a customer experience?
    • The reality of the competition.
    • Thinking with the customer in mind.
    • Effective use of technology in your customer experience. 
  • Prospecting, Sales Process, & New Client On-Boarding
    • Prospecting:
      • It’s where your customer experience starts.
      • How to present yourself to win.
      • Making your agency stick out.
    • Sales Process: 
      • Prospects don’t know what you don’t tell them.
      • Your tone and approach makes it happen. 
    • New Client On-boarding:
      • Introducing the service team.
      • Getting Reviews.
      • Asking for Referrals. 
  • Client Marketing, Renewal, & Tracking
    • Client Marketing:
      • Account Rounding.
      • Increased Coverage.
      • General Touch Points.
    • Renewal:
      • Proactive Renewal Calls.
      • Account Reviews.
      • Handling increases.
    • Tracking
      • How to track to make sure people are following your process.

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Ridiculously Amazing Sales Process

It’s been said that nothing happens until a policy is sold in an agency. However, many agents haven’t had proper sales training to truly understand how to set up your sales process for maximum results. In this presentation, we review:

  • Building Rapport.
  • Insurance Interrogation.
  • Setting Expectations.
  • Delivering the Quote.
  • Asking for the Business.

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Blanding: How to Avoid Bland Branding In Your Agency

Your brand is the one thing that clearly outlines how you are different than you competition. Branding uses the laws of attraction to earn more opportunity and keep them happy.

  • What is Branding?
  • Brand Implementation.
  • Brand Ambassadors.

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