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What To Do In An Insurance Hard Market | Hard Market Hero

Posted on May 12, 2023 by Kelly Donahue Piro

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Confused about what to do in an insurance hard market? You aren’t alone! There is no playbook for this market. In this market agents need a plan. But here is the good new APP is bringing you a plan, hug and way to survive and thrive! Hard markets are well – hard! You have the following challenges:

  • Rates Increasing
  • Increased Non-Renewals
  • Carrier Challenges
  • Difficult Inspections
  • Underwriting guideline restrictions
  • Team burnout
  • Client cancellations
  • Payment issues

The list goes on. However, APP has the solution of what to do in a hard insurance market. First, you need to train your team. Just like an ER nurse your team needs to be trained and prepared for what’s to come so in a difficult situation the response is conditioned. Next, you need clear team processes – who should be remarketed, what to say, how to say it and which clients can be donated to your competition (this is key in your plan for what to do in a hard insurance market). Lastly, you need to keep your team pumped and psyched! Burn out is real. That’s why we are making a

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! We are launching our Hard Market Hero Live & Recorded Events. That’s right you and your team can get guidance on how to be Hard Market Hero’s and tame this marketplace. You can be become a pro in handling an insurance hard market. We have the following sessions:

  • How to Lead Your Team in a Hard Market
  • Managing Your Time -Building Confidence
  • Having the Rate Talk with Clients
  • Reviewing Accounts
  • Remarketing Strategy (get something for your time)

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