Agency Performance Partners


Posted on May 8, 2023 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Are you looking for tips on how to manage this insurance hard market? There is no playbook for this market. You have staffing shortages, carrier constrictions, rate increases and non-renewals. Every agency owner should be seeking the best information to help them through this insurance hard market.

In this podcast we will cover:

🤑Team training

🤑 Slow down to speed up

🤑Rate will not be the boss of you

🤑Spend time preparing so you aren’t repairing

🤑Facts not feelings

🤑Incentive plans

🤑Avoid team burn out

We’re Agency Performance Partners; APP is your insurance agency’s best friend when it comes to training, strategies, brutal truth & tough love that’ll grow your agency with hugs & high fives along the way….just like a BFF.

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