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[PODCAST] Leading Your Team In A Hard Insurance Market | Being A War Time CEO

Posted on May 15, 2023 by Michelle Brucal

Listen or Watch Our Podcast On Leading Your Team In A Hard Insurance Market

At APP we want to help you in leading your team in a hard insurance market. Listen and learn our top strategies.

Are you struggling in leading your team in a hard insurance market? In war times, morale must be kept high and plays must be called. Your leadership needs to be different in an insurance hard market. There is no playbook to lead an agency – until now! As the industries best friend – we got you!  We firmly believe that your team is looking for leadership, guidance, support and a plan! As a leader you may be looking for all of that as well.  In this podcast we will break down how we are seeing top agencies lead their staff to become Hard Market Heroes. Let us share with you our insurance hard market agency leadership strategy.

00:00:00 In War Times, You Have to Keep Morale High

00:02:03 Leadership

00:04:51 Rate Will Not Be the Boss of You

00:05:16 Marketing to Our Current Customers

00:03:56 Time Management and Backlog

00:04:30 Team Pumped in Sight

00:07:32 Recommended Reward Plan and Incentive Plan

00:08:35 Roleplaying

00:08:44 Carrier Discount Training

00:08:50 Telematics

00:09:22 Hiring

00:10:17 Time Management

APP Resources To Help In Leading Your Team In A Hard Insurance Market

Your team needs tools on how to handle an insurance hard market and become Hard Market Hero’s! APP has a 6 session program to help your team survive & thrive in this market. Sign up today!

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