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Top Objection Killers for Insurance Personal Lines Agents

Posted on August 21, 2016 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Overcoming objections is part of sales. When you are the least expensive you’re merely collecting signatures, you’re not selling insurance. Objections help you continue to improve your sales skills. When someone takes the time to give you an objection, their head or their heart wants to go with you and they are giving you the opportunity to get the business.

You need to make sure you are practicing and documenting your objection killers. The more you practice, the smoother they will be. If you follow the right sales process you may be able to decrease objections but they will still come up so be sure to practice, practice, practice!

Overcoming Objections:


(Consider someone buying a home that is overwhelmed and wants to wait on auto)

How exciting that you’re buying a home! I know how overwhelming this may be. To save you some time let me get a few details on your vehicles. Our best quotes are when we combine your home and auto. I only need a few details and either way you will need to review your auto insurance when you move. We can kill two birds with one stone right now!

(If they still object)

Are you sure you don’t want us to show you our best pricing by combining the home and auto?



Objection #1 – Your price is too high

Option #1 Deductible

AGENT: Thank you, Mr. Jones, for sharing that with me.  I know how important price can be in such a difficult economy and I want to be sure you get the best price possible and the proper coverage.

One thing we do recommend to clients to lower their total cost of insurance is higher deductibles. Would you be willing to consider a higher deductible amount in order to lower your insurance costs?

Option #2 Mono-line quote

I do want to mention to you that we can generally get a much lower price on your (auto/home) if we quote all your insurance with one carrier. We can get you a savings of up to 20% on this quote and a similar discount on the (home/auto) – Is this something we should look at?

Option #3: Coverage

Are your coverages the same and does it include additional values that we provide?

Let’s compare the coverage and benefits…

I know we’re offering the coverage you requested at a very competitive price.

I also know both of us want to sleep at night knowing you and your assets are protected.

You are worried about money, and I understand that. That’s why you need this program because it protects you and the people you love.

Why don’t we go ahead and get you insured while you think about it?

Objection #2 – This all looks good, let me think about it

AGENT: If you don’t mind, may I ask you a question? Generally when a client says “Let me think about it”, it is for one of two reasons – the first is they really mean no but just don’t want to hurt my feelings or the other is that the information is confusing and they need time to digest it. Do either of these situations describe you?  Please, be honest with me!

AGENT: If it looks good, what else do you need to think about? Is it payment options? Can I help you think about it right now and save you some time? Let me help you think about it. What concerns do you still have? I am glad you like our plan, let’s think about it while you are insured.

PROSPECT: Objection #3 – Send me the quotes and I will look them over and get back to you

AGENT: “Sure Mr. Jones, I would be happy to send you the quote summaries along with a couple of video testimonials from clients of ours that have been thrilled with our service. But before I send these out, could I ask you a question? Is there anything you have heard that would keep you from moving forward with our quote once you get all the information?”


“How about I send you the application for signature along with EFT information to get the quote finalized then?”


PROSPECT: Objection #4 – I’m not interested

AGENT: “Mr. Jones, thank you for your honesty, the last thing I would want to do is to waste your time. However, before I let you go, do you mind if I ask you one question? What changed between our first conversation and now that has made you say you’re not interested?”

AGENT: If you are not interested, what about it doesn’t interest you? Well, I’ll tell you what, we’re very interested in you. We’ll make it worthy of your time.

PROSPECT: Objection #5 – I need to get back some additional quotes before I make a decision

AGENT: “I can certainly respect that, since I know how important getting the best possible quote is, along with the right coverage. I think I mentioned to you that we have quoted your insurance with over (5?) different carriers and since we specialize in (Coverage) insurance.  You can be confident you are getting the right coverage. Do you mind if I ask you a question? Would it be a better use of time to just get this finalized today? If you find something later that better suits your needs, you can always call me back and we can close our file – but I am confident any savings is going to be minor given the work I have already done with all of the shopping for you.

AGENT: We don’t leave our proposals, we don’t do other agents’ work for them.  I’ll bring them by so I can properly answer your questions. We would love to bind today, that way you don’t have to worry about it and get back to your business. If not, I’ll be at your office Monday to go over it.

AGENT: That’s fine, call me back when you get your additional quotes so we may review the terms and conditions, but would you mind telling me where we stand now?

What part of your needs have we not already taken care of?
I understand and respect that, but I know these are good numbers and I know you are good at what you do and so am I. So let’s get this done today and you can go back to making money and not entertaining insurance agents.
AGENT: What are you looking for in other quotes that you don’t see in mine? We work with other outlets to find the best plan for you so I can save you the hassle of calling other agents.


The key to overcoming objections is to document and practice them. Hold your next team meeting and go over these!