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Stopping Insurance Agency Burnout – 4 Videos To Help Insurance Agency Owners

Posted on May 28, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

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Insurance Burnout

Our next few videos are going to be focused on something that can plague agency owners: insurance burnown. If you’re facing burnout as an agency owner, we completely get it, because we’ve been in your shoes. Starting your own small business sometimes means working a million hours and still feeling stuck, and it means sometimes dealing with anxiety and fear. We’re going to walk you through ways to get reengaged, and how you can get through this burnout.

We’ve been seeing more and more agencies come to us just overwhelmed, working a million hours and still feeling stuck and not getting ahead. And I wanna tell you I have in your shoes. Starting a business having a healthy dose of anxiety and fear around it caused me to work way overboard.”


Insurance Time Tracking

If you’re an agency owner experiencing burnout, it’s important to understand where your hours and minutes in the day go, in order to optimize your schedule. And if you’re anything like us, you probably think that you don’t have a spare minute to do insurance time tracking. That’s exactly what we thought at first, and we resisted insurance time tracking for a long time before finally giving in. 

“Time tracking is a great way just to open your eyes. It’s kind of like, to me it was like stepping on the scale when you know you’re trying to lose weight. I have to embrace where I am to get to a better place.”


Insurance Agency Management Jobs

We’re tackling insurance burnout for agency owners, and today’s deep-dive is about insurance agency management jobs. What this means is looking at all of the tasks that are on your plate, and deciding which jobs to decrease, and how.

What are the things that you need to decrease? This is hard, because you want to be available to everyone.”


Setting Boundaries With Insurance Clients

If you’re an agency owner and you’re struggling with burnout, our next tip to help you get through this is to set boundaries with your time. For most owners, starting an insurance agency from the ground up is a hustle at first. But once you get to a phase where it’s an operational business, you can’t really hustle quite like you used to. Clients need to, your team needs you, and your family needs you. In order to still get things done without burning out, you need to become a pro at setting boundaries with insurance clients and team members. 

“You need to set boundaries on your time. It’s an ongoing practice, and just like budgeting at home, it’s not always perfect.”


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