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Scripts to Cross Sell a Monoline Account

As an avid fan of cross selling, I wanted to create the be-all and end-all definitive guide for cross selling a monoline account for every single role and comfort zone in the agency. This blog can serve as your go-to for all cross selling scenarios. If anything in here seems awkward, please leave comments. We want this blog to be the source all agency roles can unite around on the opportunity for cross selling. But first we must review a few key ground rules:

Cross Selling Ground Rules

    • If you are uncomfortable cross selling, have an honest conversation with yourself about why. We can’t simply reject the idea. You have to identify the cause and seek help to strengthen your weakness. Here are some common reasons:
      • You believe that everyone doesn’t want to pay for it.
      • You’re unclear on the product benefits.
      • You’re thinking with your own wallet in mind rather than theirs.
      • You’re unsure how to approach it.
      • Most people, you believe, just want to get off the phone.
      • Personally, you hate it when salespeople “upsell” you.
      • You don’t see how you have time to quote it, sell it and service it.
      • Sales is a salesperson’s job, and you don’t identify that way.
      • Other…. Please leave it in the comments.
    • When you read these lines, read them out loud. Reading sales scripts can be an instant turn-off because you may be reading them with a voice in your head that sounds like a sleazy, used car salesperson. Read them with your own voice and tone. 
    • Agree that the first five times you try anything, it will be awkward, and that the sixth time you will see a breakthrough.


    • The most important one of all… the people with only one line of coverage are taking the most aggressive rate increases of anyone. They are paying more than they should for their insurance because they are often missing the biggest discount you can offer. Also, having more than one agent leaves them open to coverage gaps and, quite honestly, they are spending too much time on their insurance. Great news! You are uniquely qualified to help them solve this problem. 


Cross Selling Scripts for Every Role

Director of First Impressions (AKA Receptionist) Fielding a Call to Transfer:

RECEPTIONIST: It’s a great day at INSURANCE, how may I direct your call?


CLIENT: Yes, I need to make a payment. 


RECEPTIONIST: No problem. May I have your name?


CLIENT: Sure, Kelly Donahue-Piro.


RECEPTIONIST: Great, I have your account right here. Are you looking to make a payment on your auto policy? 




RECEPTIONIST: Perfect, I will transfer you to someone who can help you. Also, it looks like you may be missing a big discount. Do you own or rent? 




RECEPTIONIST: Great, I’ll make sure to tell the agent to double check that discount for you. Hold please. 


Warm transfer the call to the agent with the alert.


Call to Make a Payment, Get an ID Card, Get a Certificate, Mortgagee Change, Endorsement, etc.


AGENT: While I have you on the phone, if I find any weaknesses or potential discounts on your account, may I share them with you?




AGENT: Great, one of the initial discounts you are missing is combining your X with your Y. You’re probably overspending on your insurance, and having 2 agents costs you more time. I can do a quick quote while I have you here so we can see how we can help with that?


Trick — Lean on estimates, quoting on the phone, anything you can do to keep them on the phone. 


Call About a Rate Increase


AGENT: Thank you for calling about your policy. So I can get started looking into what options you have, may I confirm the best cell phone number and email address to reach you in case we get disconnected? (This is key. This allows you to take back control of the call.)


CLIENT: 444-444-4444


AGENT: Excellent. So I see here that you have your home policy with us, and it looks like you are missing the biggest discount we can offer which is combining your home and auto together. Let me get a few pieces of information so we can look into that. What is the year, make and model of your vehicle?


The key here is to not wait or ask questions. Just lean into the underwriting questions and, when you can, quote over the phone!


Renewal Review Call 


AGENT: As I’m reviewing your account, I’ll be making some recommendations on potential discounts you are missing as well as policy weaknesses. One thing we should connect on is the multi-policy discount. Are you familiar with this discount? Currently it’s our biggest discount, and you’re missing it. I feel terrible when people are paying too much for their insurance. Let’s look to see if we can help apply that. 


Many agents tend to hold off cross selling until the end when the focus is on processing the change or the customer is ready to end the call. We instead need to invite them into the process upfront so they are expecting recommendations. Do it that way and you will turn more asks into yeses! If you’re looking for more tools and scripts to help your team become a well-oiled sales machine, ask us about our AppX Sales Experience!


Kelly Donahue Piro

Kelly Donahue-Piro is a game changer in the insurance industry. As the Founder and President of Agency Performance Partners and Co-Founder of the sister marketing company, Agency Appeal, she’s an in-demand speaker at regional and national insurance conferences and a social media and digital marketing trailblazer. READ MORE