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Regroup As A Leader In A Hard Market

24 Apr

Communicate the vision clearly and consistently  Many of us believe our team understands our vision, […]

21 Apr

When you think about calling every customer once per year for an annual review you […]

how to generate insurance leads

17 Apr

Let’s get this out of the way – this market is crazy and your agency […]

9 Steps to A Meaningful Renewal Review Call

17 Apr

For some people getting started on making renewal calls can be perplexing! What do we […]

Two Agencies Share Renewal Review Success

14 Apr

There is no magic bullet or secret sauce to launching renewal review calls to boost […]

10 Apr

You have been tasked with boosting your agency’s insurance customer retention. You look around for […]

How and Why Renewal Review Calls Will Fail

10 Apr

Here is the reality. How you launch renewal review calls with your team is just […]

4.3 banter podcast feature image

07 Apr

Making the calls First let’s discuss voice. Use a customer service voice, NOT a mom/dad […]