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Overcoming Insurance Cross-Selling Objections ― LEE: Encourage

Posted on July 21, 2021 by Alex Arellano

Overcoming Insurance Cross-Selling Objections

We’re onto our third letter of our cross-selling strategy LEE, which stands for listen, educate, encourage. The third part of this strategy, encourage, is a great way to overcome insurance cross-selling objections. When you suggest an additional insurance policy and you get a “no,” this is a great opportunity to encourage your clients to take another look.

“We’re really trying to develop this relationship with clients, so we don’t always want to beat them over the head with “buy this policy now.” Sometimes we have to encourage them.”

If overcoming insurance cross-selling objections is a problem for your agency, here’s how using encouragement can help:


You’re not just checking the boxes

If you offer a customer additional policies that you believe they could benefit from and they say “no,” your job as an agent is not just to simply say “okay” and move on. If you’re only asking because you feel the need to check all of your own boxes and complete tasks, then you’re not fulfilling your roles as a trusted advisor to your customers. When you encourage them to take another look and reconsider, you’re actually advocating for something that you believe in.


You’re showing that you care

Your experience using encouragement is going to be directly linked to your beliefs. If you don’t really care whether or not a client takes out a new policy, or if they say yes to your cross-selling efforts, then that’s going to show when you try to encourage. But if you sincerely believe in the merit of what you’re offering to your clients, this will shine through when you’re encouraging clients to reconsider. 


You’re not beating customers over the head

Many times agents think that cross-selling is bothersome to customers, or it’s a bit of a “sleezy” sales tactic. But in reality, gently encouraging clients to take another look at what you suggest is anything but that. If a client has a pool, you can say something like: “I understand adding another insurance investment to your budget wasn’t your plan for today, but I encourage you to look at this again. Because of that pool, you have an additional layer of risk.” It’s not beating people over the head, but asking them to take another look at something that everyone knows they should reconsider.


Encouragement is a great tool to help people move past some of their doubts, or think about a situation differently. When you use your knowledge, expertise, and awareness as an agent to cross-educate your clients, you’ll see that encouraging them might be the thing that helps you close that sale.


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