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How To Select Your Insurance Agency Technology: Special Guest Charlie Griffin of The Kotter Group

Posted on July 20, 2021 by Alex Arellano

How to Select Your Insurance Agency Technology: Special Guest Charlie Griffin of The Kotter Group

In this episode of the Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Agent podcast, host Kelly Donahue-Piro is joined by Charlie Griffin, CSO, and VP of Sales at The Kotter Group. Charlie will be giving us some tips on what we should remember when making a selection. They’ve consolidated technology from telephony to text messaging, to-do lists, a full-blown e-sign system, and MUCH more. Insurance technology has grown vastly through the years, and Bridge has adapted continuously ― even to the new generation of consumers.


Episode Highlights:

  • Charlie shares his background. (2:03)
  • Charlie details what Bridge is all about. (4:22)
  • Charlie mentions how they were able to create their products. (5:13)
  • Charlie explains the fundamentals Bridge is built on. (6:40)
  • What are the three things that Charlie thinks independent agencies need to plan for? (9:14)
  • Charlie mentions an important tech takeaway for any agency. (16:03)
  • Charlie explains how their sales process works. (18:45)
  • Charlies gives us one of the reasons why they involve most of the agency’s personnel in their demonstrations and sales process. (24:02)
  • Charlie shares what the group called, “the care team” are working on. (27:06)
  • What is Charlie’s take on integration and insurance? (44:17)


Key Quotes:

  • “ I always use the Microsoft Word example. Everybody uses it, but there’s only 10 things that you use, and there’s 150 that it does. Those 150 just kind of get in the way, right? So we took that out and created an easy, simple place for agents to do almost everything they need to do outside of the management system.” – Charlie Griffin
  • “There’s a lot of layers and it’s not for everybody. But, the beauty of what Bridge is, is that we single point priced it, so you don’t have to worry about who gets what, when, and where. So, every agency is different. They just pick the product up and use the pieces that fit them, grow into others, move out of others, and run that way.” – Charlie Griffin
  • “Invest the time on the front end. You’ll shorten your cycle, and you’ll protect yourself against getting bamboozled by a slick sales guy.” – Charlie Griffin


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