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Marketing Tip: Email Hoarding – The New Insurance Epidemic

Welcome to our March 3 Minute Training Video!

Marketing Tip: Email Hoarding – The New Insurance Epidemic

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In this video, we’ll discuss:

  • How to tackle your email inbox to keep it organized and easy to navigate
  • Why your email inbox impacts your customer’s experience
  • How to use your management system and email inbox as a team to keep all tasks, memos, and important client information together


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(Full transcription available below)

I want to talk to you about a new insurance epidemic that we found and it’s in every level of insurance. It’s called email hoarding. Yes, email hoarding. Are you an email hoarder? We can check really quickly. If you have over 100 emails in your inbox right now you are an official email hoarder. Yes, I’m saying it out loud. It freaks me out to have any more than 50 emails in an inbox let alone 100 plus. And I’ve seen some of the worst of it. I’ve seen some people with 33,000 emails in their inbox. How can you find anything and how do you know what’s going on? But, if you currently have over 100 emails we need to tackle it. Now you might be having that hoarding sensation where you don’t want to let go. What if I need the email? What if it goes missing? I’m going, to be honest with you. Chances are you’re missing emails right now, you’re missing follow-ups and you’re missing a customer experience because it’s so cluttered. Your email inbox really should be a snapshot of what you have to accomplish in the next 24 hours. If not, it needs to go into your management system, has a memo or suspense to remind you to follow up on it (and really, that email should be in there any way for documentation), or in a folder because you can create folders in your inbox of exactly what’s going on so you can reference it quickly. But when your whole inbox is helter-skelter, your whole day is going to be helter-skelter. So let’s paint the picture of why this is a big deal in agencies. If you had to call out sick for the day, first of all, no one can figure out what’s going on in your email. So it’s going to take that person 5 times longer to help you. Stuff can get deleted or go missing which is really dangerous from an E&O perspective. You have no idea what’s truly on your plate so you can work efficiently and effectively and keep the customer expectations that you’ve delivered. And when they’re in your inbox they’re typically not in that management system which is where the E&O is going to come into play. So, if you really would love to get deposed someday then that’s the problem. No one should want to get deposed. Put it in your management system. And it adds necessary stress to you and your team if you’re not organized. So here’s the deal. Clear them out. Even if you have to take 100 a day for the next month, clear them out. You will feel so much better. Get the folders together and put things into buckets. If you can do it in 2 minutes or less take care of it. If not, put it in your management system as a suspense to take care of in a timely fashion. Add emails as an attachment into the management system so you are protected. Remember, ‘delete’ in your emails is not really delete, it archives them for the most part. So I’m going to tell you that the most organized account managers/ producers are the most successful. So don’t hesitate on your email. It may feel naked at first because you have all these emails and you’re protected by them, but when you get organized you will see your stress level decrease and you will see the mistakes you make decrease. Isn’t that what we all want? So let’s get the email hoarding challenge down pat. Take 100 every week, get rid of them, and keep moving, keep moving, keep moving. If you can get 100 a day even better. We’ll see you on our next three-minute video where it’s going to be amazing.

Kelly Donahue Piro

Kelly Donahue-Piro is a game changer in the insurance industry. As the Founder and President of Agency Performance Partners and Co-Founder of the sister marketing company, Agency Appeal, she’s an in-demand speaker at regional and national insurance conferences and a social media and digital marketing trailblazer. READ MORE

2 thoughts on “Marketing Tip: Email Hoarding – The New Insurance Epidemic

  1. I start each day 30 or less but by the end of the day have over 150. But get them all attached by 8:30 the next day

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