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Is Your Insurance Agency Looking to be Average, or Kick Ass?

Posted on February 10, 2015 by Kelly Donahue Piro

If you are looking to be average don’t waste your time on this blog! No seriously, go check on the Kardashians or the weather. This blog is only for people who want to kick ass and thrive.

Look around, are you being average? Do you have an average team? An average website? An average renewal process? Or are you kicking ass in taking over your community?

So you want to kick ass, who doesn’t? Well we all want to but we have to put the time, effort and energy into training, practicing and conditioning ourselves to be awesome. I think there are 5 principles you must follow daily if you want to kick ass:

  1. Take care of yourself. This is not an excuse for another vacation or golf trip. This is eating right, working out, working on your marriage, dressing nice, getting enough sleep. What I know is when you are healthy, both mentally and physically, you are ready to kick ass.
  2. Make decisions. Every time you have a discussion with managers and employees, make a decision on it swiftly. Don’t bury it or sweep it under the rug. Just do it, address it. When you linger on decisions you may shy away from actually making one. Nothing irritates people more than waiting for answers.
  3. Have a freaking plan. Have a plan for marketing, sales, service and beyond. When you have a plan you can set goals and gain alignment from your team.
  4. Every day is a great day. Yes, every day. No matter what. If you want to kick ass you have to wake up every day like its better than the last even when you are aren’t feeling well, are disappointed or frustrated.
  5. Hold people accountable. There are no excuses. You have to hold people accountable. Record their phone calls, review activity reports.  Show them what a good job is then make them do it. Don’t accept excuses, only plans on how improvement will happen.

If you are looking to kick ass at a marketing strategy, account rounding, new business sales, retention or more call us. We kick ass daily!