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Insurance Agency Strategy: Do You Know What You Want?

Posted on February 4, 2015 by Kelly Donahue Piro

This week has been amazing. I have been able to reconnect with several clients I worked with in the past. However we seemed to have the same conversation on each call. With this week being Groundhog Day, I thought it was a page right out of the movie.

The common conversation was “We know we need to do something but we don’t know what.”  There was a tone of nostalgia in everyone’s voice. Like they remember a different time, maybe when things were easier, happier or more exciting. Conversations are amazing but getting down to brass tacks is when I get excited.

Before you can improve your agency’s performance you have to know what you are looking to achieve. Growth is not the answer. Growth via account rounding is better! Growth by targeting monoline customers at renewal is awesome! Growth by targeting customers at renewal and putting together scripts, action plans, letters and accountability, now thats what I do! The challenge is we can’t help agencies that just want change or excitement or growth. We have to challenge ourselves to really identify what we want.

Trust me, knowing what you want is not easy. Ever go to a cupcake shop and try to choose what flavor you want? Impossible. Why? Well you want Red Velvet, but Lemon Chiffon sounds good. Its not that you want 10 cupcakes, its hard choosing what you want today. You have to have faith that the other cupcakes will be there next week too.

Every agency owner must know what they want in order to get what they want. We can help you with the rest. So, what does your agency want? Be as specific as possible then contact us so we can determine how we are going to get there!