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Insurance Principal Job Description – Start With The Head Honcho

Posted on April 6, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Insurance Agency Principal Job Description

Agency owners, this one’s for you.

“If you are doing below your pay grade jobs, the agency can’t be growing. You need to be doing things that empower you, lift you, and stay within your strengths.”

We’re talking all about the importance of insurance agency job descriptions, and how much they impact the rest of your agency. As the owner you need to be working on the business, not in the business, at least not all of the time. If you’re in a growth phase, this might be a fine balance, but it still needs to be intentional. Here are reasons why you might want to focus on your insurance agency job descriptions:


Your involvement likely isn’t helping

As an owner who is getting too involved in the business, there are going to be times that you’re getting involved with things, that your team is wishing you would stay away from. You also will likely be working on things that are dragging you down. Instead, you should be focusing on the business as a whole, and nurturing it to help it grow.


You should stop being an insurance agent

You need to stop being an insurance agent, and instead focus on being a business owner. If you’re not working on the business, then who is? It’s not your team’s baby, it’s yours. Focusing on becoming a business owner and taking care of those responsibilities should be your top priority.


Your investments will suffer

It’s important to remember that payroll is an agency’s biggest investment, and if you’re not focusing on hiring the right people, your business is going to suffer. Your team needs a coach, in order for everyone on board to be happier and more successful.


The bottom line is that as an owner, you need to be delegating tasks below your paygrade. If you don’t have people you can trust to complete tasks well, your problem is likely in your hiring process, which starts at your insurance agency job descriptions. That’s why we created these insurance agency job description templates for you, to make sure you’re hiring the right people for your agency.


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