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Does Your Team Want Insurance Agency Job Descriptions (you maybe surprised!)

Posted on April 7, 2021 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Insurance Agency Job Descriptions

You might be wondering why we’re spending an entire week discussing job descriptions, and you might be thinking, “we always wing it, but we’re fine!” Well, we’re here to tell you that if you’re winging it with your insurance agency job descriptions, you’ve got problems.

If we’re winging it, we’re wronging it.


Here’s something you should know about your team: they actually want job descriptions. When we go into agencies, the number one thing we hear from staff is that they want clear expectations. Here are just some of the reasons why your team members definitely want job descriptions:


Staff members crave clarity

When there are clear insurance agency job descriptions, there are boundaries of what people are responsible for. They’ll also have a clear understanding of metrics, know how often to expect feedback, and know what tasks they’re supposed to pass off. Think of it this way: every football player on the field has a clear job, and they stick to it.


Most job descriptions are just task lists

The truth is that most insurance agency job descriptions we see are inadequate, and they’re much more like a list of tasks than a job description. Agents want to know what their missions are, and what outcomes are expected of them. They also want to know things like how often they’ll be reviewed, not if they need to be able to process credit card payments.


Staff won’t need to self-manage

When job descriptions aren’t clear, team members start to self manage, and bring their own value system into the mix, which can be problematic. When you have these great descriptions, people can say “Hey, this is out of my job description,” and they’ll be able to stop throwing each other under the bus when it comes to responsibility. Of course, in some smaller businesses, people are expected to jump in and help with other tasks. But that’s also something that can be clarified in a job description


The bottom line is that if you’re winging it, you’re wronging it. That’s why we created our ready-to-use job descriptions, to help you ensure your agency is Ridiculously Amazing in 2021.


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