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Posted on November 14, 2022 by Camille Maraguinot

How to Train the Sales Team

There’s so much debate on when an insurance agency is a service shop vs. a sales shop. How to train the sales team to prioritize a sales process.

When we started working with many clients, we quickly discovered that there was no insurance sales cycle process.

Agents get trained on how to quote, but there is not enough emphasis or focus on a defined sales process.

In reality, agencies need a written down, practiced sales process that everyone leans on.

When we focus on quoting insurance, we often have a process that is easiest for us, but we leave out a key factor – the client!

With the proper insurance sales cycle process, you can combine quoting, pre-qualifying, and the sales cycle altogether.

Quoting doesn’t make the agency any money (in fact, it costs you money). Binding coverage has to be the ultimate goal!

We’re Agency Performance Partners; APP is your insurance agency’s best friend when it comes to training, strategies, brutal truth & tough love that’ll grow your agency with hugs & high fives along the way, just like a BFF.


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