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How to Get Top Talent to Join Your Team

Posted on January 14, 2022 by Alex Arellano

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How to Get Top Talent to Join Your Team: Forever Recruiting

Top talent is out there, and in order to find it, you need to forever be recruiting for your insurance agency. That’s the focus of this week’s videos, as well as our awesome new course, which is called “How To Hire And Keep Top Talent In Your Agency.” 

“The humans on your team are the agency’s biggest investment and expense all at the same time. So in order to grow and hit your goals, you need to have the best team on your roster.”


How to Get Top Talent to Join Your Team: When to Create New Roles

All this week we’re focusing on how to find and keep top talent in your insurance agency, which comes just as we’re launching a brand new course on the topic. We know how tough it can feel to get top talent to join your team, which is why we created this course in the first place. But we wanted to get you excited with today’s tip: instead of being afraid to hire, you need to create new roles for your insurance agency.

“You may be looking around your agency and see overloaded employees, multiple people wearing multiple hats, people taking on tasks outside their normal scope of work. Well, it may be time for you to create a new role.“


How to Get Top Talent to Join Your Team: Get Rid of Underperformers

Finding top talent and getting them to join your team is no small undertaking, which is why we’re focusing on that exact topic all this week. Today’s tip has to do with underperformers of your insurance agency. 

“At the end of this, it’s very clear that the person’s fired themselves. They’re either capable or not capable of the position, but you’ve given them all the tools, all the clarity and expectations to say that the past is in the past.”


How to Get Top Talent to Join Your Team: Create Intentional Culture

Getting top talent to join your team might seem like a difficult undertaking, and time and time again we see agencies struggle with this. The good news is that we’ve not only mastered the art of getting top talent, but created a brand new course on the subject. Today’s 3 Minute Video focuses on getting top talent to join your team with the help of your insurance agency’s culture.

“Why is culture so important? It transforms how people work, how they feel about work, things like that. It’s important that culture matches your organization’s values.”


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