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How to Get Top Talent to Join Your Team: Get Rid of Underperformers

Posted on January 12, 2022 by Alex Arellano

How to Get Top Talent to Join Your Team: Get Rid of Underperformers

Finding top talent and getting them to join your team is no small undertaking, which is why we’re focusing on that exact topic all this week. Today’s tip has to do with underperformers of your insurance agency. 

“At the end of this, it’s very clear that the person’s fired themselves. They’re either capable or not capable of the position, but you’ve given them all the tools, all the clarity and expectations to say that the past is in the past.”

This is a tip that might not initially come to mind when you’re thinking of how to get top talent to join your team. Maybe you feel like you don’t have the payroll for a top-talent person, or you don’t have the bandwidth. But in reality, it could be underperformers of your insurance agency that are holding you back.


When you have an underperformer, you’ll likely find that other employees have to step up to the plate to carry their weight, which presents a big challenge for everyone. You also have to keep in mind that you’re actually taking up precious payroll from someone who could help your agency grow when you hang on to underperformers.


Oftentimes, we see agency owners hold onto people out of guilt, and without a plan. But in our new course, we have a whole playbook on hiring, and we have a plan to help you handle those underperformers of your insurance agency.


The first step you can take? Stick a new job description in front of them. A clear and detailed job description is an opportunity to show this employee that the past is in the past, and to demonstrate what they’re accountable for now. It’s like hitting the reset button.


After that, you need to have weekly meetings with this person, backed up with numbers. This ensures that you’re not operating on “feelings mode,” and can provide you with concrete clarity. As we like to say, numbers are the great equalizer. If, after this, the elements of that job description aren’t being met, then you need to place them on what’s called a performance improvement plan. 


If this person is the right candidate, they’re going to bust their butt to prove to you that they can do this job. But the wrong candidate is going to be looking for another job. At the end of the day, honing in on the low performers of your agency will help you clearly see if they’re capable or not, or if it’s time to press the reset button. 


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