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How to Deal with an Eeyore

Posted on June 17, 2022 by Alex Arellano

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How to Deal with an Eeyore: Know Who They Are

When you’re running an insurance agency, you probably know by now that there are plenty of different types of employees, with different personalities, traits, and habits. Sometimes, these different personalities can be great for working in insurance (and for the workplace in general), and other times, these personalities can be a challenge to deal with. We like to categorize common personalities into two different distinct labels: Eeyores and Tiggers.

“When you have an Eeyore, there’s obviously different levels of Eeyore, or Eeyore-ism, I should say. If an Eeyore is becoming a cancer in the agency, that has to be dealt with and it can’t be led to go on and on and on. If there’s just somebody who’s more of a skeptic, that’s a different skill set”


How to Deal With an Eeyore: Can You Change an Eeyore

Ah, Eeyores and Tiggers. No, these names aren’t just reserved for the characters from Winnie the Pooh, and yes, they have a very useful place in the insurance world. Yesterday, we spoke about how exactly to identify an Eeyore in your agency, and today, we’re discussing if you can change an Eeyore or not.


How to Deal with an Eeyore: Find Their Pattern

All this week we’ve been talking about Eeyores in your insurance agency, and how exactly you should deal with them. So far, we spoke about how to tell who exactly is an Eeyore in your agency, and if you can change an Eeyore or not. Today, we were diving into the topic of finding your Eeyore’s pattern, and using them in your favor.

“When you know a pattern of an Eeyore, you can expect it. So if you know that they’re particularly resistant to change, you can invite them to understand change a bit earlier. You can also fully know that they’re going to not be excited about change, and just keep moving forward.”


How to Deal with an Eeyore: Move Forward Around the Eeyore

Can an Eeyore in your insurance agency be used for good? We bet you didn’t expect to talk about cartoon characters in reference to your insurance agency, but as we’ve been discussing all week, it’s true. Every agency has Tiggers, those bouncing and enthusiastic employees, who are willing to jump into just about anything. And on the other hand, agencies also have Eeyores, who are slow, pessimistic, and low-energy employees, for whom everything is a drag. 

I really feel like the goal should be not to immediately try to fire them, or to get rid of them. Maybe try to empower them first, or maybe try to work with them to turn more into a positive person. Maybe they won’t ever be a Tigger, and maybe they won’t always be upbeat and bubbly and positive, and that’s okay. To each their own”


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