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How To Cross-Sell Insurance ― 4 Training Videos for Your Team

Posted on July 23, 2021 by Alex Arellano

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Insurance Cross-Selling Strategy

We’re continuing our deep-dive into insurance cross-selling, and we want to start with a question: does your team have an insurance cross-selling strategy? We have an excellent strategy which can help you maximize your ability to cross-sell, which you can easily adopt. It’s the acronym “LEE,” which stands for “Look,” “Educate,” “Encourage.” Today, we’re going to talk about that first word, look.

“All-too-often we’re so focused on new business that we forget about our current customers, and we get so caught up in all the things we have to do for the day we don’t always take time.”


Cross-Selling Insurance Plan

We’re talking all about how to create a masterful cross-selling insurance plan at your agency, and yesterday we introduced our acronym LEE. LEE stands for look, educate, and encourage, and we’re now onto our middle letter E, which stands for educate.

“It’s not sell – we want to move into cross-education versus cross sales, because when a client is educated, there literally are no downsides.”


Overcoming Insurance Cross-Selling Objections

We’re onto our third letter of our cross-selling strategy LEE, which stands for listen, educate, encourage. The third part of this strategy, encourage, is a great way to overcome insurance cross-selling objections. When you suggest an additional insurance policy and you get a “no,” this is a great opportunity to encourage your clients to take another look.

“We’re really trying to develop this relationship with clients, so we don’t always want to beat them over the head with “buy this policy now.” Sometimes we have to encourage them.”


Overcoming Resistance To Cross-Selling Insurance

All week we’ve been focusing on overcoming resistance to cross-selling in insurance, and have introduced our favorite cross-selling strategy to you, LEE. This acronym stands for Look, Educate, and Encourage, and after going through all three parts of this strategy over the past few days, we now want to bring it all together. Here’s why LEE is an amazing strategy, which can help you in overcoming resistance to cross-selling insurance.

“The reality is leads are very expensive today in insurance, we need better strategies to help grow our agencies.”


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