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Cross-Selling Insurance on New Business

Posted on July 26, 2021 by Alex Arellano

Cross-Selling Insurance on New Business

Cross-selling is so vital to success in insurance agencies that we’re continuing to dive into this topic, after we introduced our cross-selling strategy LEE last week. All this week, we’re going to talk about four different ways to cross-sell. Our first topic is cross-selling insurance on new business.

“By far, cross-selling new business is your biggest opportunity, because nothings been screwed up yet…. There’s been no billing issues, no inspection problems, no other agents trying to win them over, no rate increases.”

In our opinion, new business is the best time to cross-sell. And why is that? It’s because nothing has been “screwed up” yet. Not that your agency would be responsible for making mistakes, but once a client is along for the ride, there are opportunities for billing issues, inspection problems, other agents trying to win them over, rate increases, you name it. When you have new business, you have a clean slate. Here’s what you can do to help you with cross-selling insurance on new business.


Ask about other policies

This is a major point that can definitely help you with cross-selling insurance on new business. During your conversation, be sure to ask if your customers have policies with other agents. This question can really crack open what’s going on. We often get tunnel vision and only focus on what we know best, such as home and auto. Instead, we should really be stopping to try to get the entire picture. Let the clients tell you what they have, you might be surprised with what you find out. This is also extremely helpful because you can ask when their other policies are completed, and keep those dates handy to follow up.


Remember “4 & Score”

We like to remember the phrase “4 & Score” to remember that we should be aiming for four policies with every client. This doesn’t necessarily mean they have four active policies, but if we work with the mindset of ensuring there are four policies a client is educated on, quoted on, and sold on, that’s the holy grail for retention.


Document everything

When you’re working on cross-selling insurance on new business, be sure to document all of the useful information you learn. This will allow your sales team to have an activity to follow up on, and can be useful if your agency does renewal review calls. 


Cross-selling insurance on new business can lead you to get everything upfront, maximize the discounts, save time, and save money. Remember, at this point, customers are calling you for a reason. You should take that reason and turn it into an opportunity. 


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