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How To Ask For Referrals

Posted on November 12, 2021 by Alex Arellano

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How to Get Referrals: Ask the Nice People

It’s a brand new week, which means we’re kicking off a new series of Three Minute Videos. All this week we’re going to be covering something that can be a bit of a sticky subject: how to ask for referrals.

“I know all the reasons why it’s hard. There’s an awkwardness to when you ask, how you ask, I think we’ve all been asked for referrals in a really horrible way and that sticks in our mind. But I’m going to ask you to turn a corner on referrals, because it’s a huge opportunity.”


How to Ask for Insurance Referrals: What to Say

Wondering how to ask for insurance agency referrals? That’s exactly what we’re tackling this week. Today, we’re up to our next strategy, which is straightforward, but can sometimes become complicated.

“So find your own voice on it, but don’t be shy. Be of service. Learn your agency’s referral program, and start asking because there’s no time like today.”


How To Ask For Insurance Referrals: Remembering

We’re staying on the referral bandwagon all this week, as we discuss how to ask for insurance agency referrals. This next tip can be one of the most common reasons we’re not asking for referrals, but it can also be a bit of an embarrassing reason. It’s because we simply don’t remember.

“The bottom line with remembering is that you have to make it a strategy. Don’t hope to remember, that’s not a great strategy.”


How To Ask For Insurance Referrals: Motivation

We’re up to our last video of the week on how to ask for insurance referrals. And today we’re diving into the question of how to motivate people to ask for insurance agency referrals.

“No matter what your agency’s strategy, you should be motivated to ask for referrals because you want the best quality clients in your book of business.”


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