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How To Ask For Insurance Referrals: Motivation

Posted on November 11, 2021 by Alex Arellano

How To Ask For Insurance Referrals: Motivation

We’re up to our last video of the week on how to ask for insurance referrals. And today we’re diving into the question of how to motivate people to ask for insurance agency referrals.

“No matter what your agency’s strategy, you should be motivated to ask for referrals because you want the best quality clients in your book of business.”

Insurance agency referrals are extremely beneficial for plenty of reasons, but sometimes it’s hard to remember that. They’re incredible from a lead generation standpoint, they turn into good quality business, they close well, and overall they’re literally the perfect opportunity. 


So how exactly do we motivate people when they forget all of these perks? Here are our favorite ways:


1. Recognize that insurance agency referrals are valuable

Insurance agency referrals have intrinsic value, for the reasons we mentioned above. No matter what, you should try to remember to be motivated because your life becomes easier when you land referrals.


2. Referral programs that are done right

Agencies should definitely look into referral programs if they don’t already have them, and roll them out in a really strong way. It’s important that everyone, from agents to customers, know you have an amazing referral program.


3. Incentivize and recognize

We do believe in incentivizing people to create new habits, because it takes time and work to get into a rhythm outside of our comfort zone. Agencies can provide motivation through incentivization. Also, people really like to be recognized when they’re working outside of their comfort zone. 

There are plenty of ways you can motivate your team, from communicating to incentivizing with money. Whatever way you pick, make sure you’re motivating your team in whatever way works best for them and drives results. 


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