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Insurance Team Buy-In

Posted on August 3, 2021 by Alex Arellano

Insurance Team to Buy-in

All this week we’re diving deep into strategies of how to earn insurance team buy-in after launching a new idea or initiative at your agency. It can be a big undertaking, and might even be challenging, if you don’t approach this delicate time with some technique.

“If we just flip it on like a light switch, we won’t get to maximizing all of the benefits. And that’s why I think it’s so critical that we have a good plan and we take some time on the plan.”

First, we discussed the importance of holding a launch party. After that, your next step is collaboration, by getting your team involved in the process. Here’s what you need to know about using collaboration to get your insurance team to buy-in.


1. Ask for feedback, and be prepared for negativity

A great way to open up the floor is to ask for feedback, to hear how things are going. When asking for feedback about a new initiative, be prepared for negativity. This often happens with feedback in general. If you’re an agent yourself, try to keep this in mind, and take note of positive things about your new launch. If you’re management, there are many ways we can mitigate impending negativity, such as posing prompts about positive takeaways.


2. Set up collaborative communication

Opening up a forum for feedback and collaboration can help ensure everyone feels heard, and that you’re getting a good sense of how things are going. For example, whenever you have a meeting, you can ask everyone to come prepared with what they like, what’s working well, speed bumps, and challenges. This then turns into a collaboration, because someone might say “Oh, I had this work,” or “I figured out this work around.”


3. Act on the feedback

Once you learn how your team is handling things, you have the opportunity to act on the feedback. For example, you can host training sessions, and show your team the stats of what’s working and what’s not working. 


Getting your insurance team to buy-in won’t happen overnight, and if we just flip it on like a light switch, we won’t be able to maximize all of the benefits. But by planning and tapping into these techniques, we can ensure our team is all-in on our new initiatives and plans.


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