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Germania Insurance Event: Meeting Great People and Sharing Knowledge

Special thank you to Germania Insurance for their recent event at La Cantera Resort and Spa in San Antonio, Texas. We were privileged to be selected to share our best practices of sales and building the agency’s customer experience. As we listened to the CEO share his message to the agents of Germania, we realized what a great fit our topics were.

We started off Saturday morning with our Ridiculously Amazing Sales Process session. Before a packed house our President shared the 5 step sales approach we all must follow:
Building Rapport
Insurance Interrogation
Setting Expectations
Delivering the Quote
Asking for the Business
The session included a bit of role playing and a few giveaways (which if you did not get one, you can purchase them here). Stopping and thinking about the customer was a refreshing way to think about the customer first and build our processes around them rather than us! If anyone would like our sales scripts, you can also purchase them from our online store.

After a short break we reconvened for Building & Tracking Your Customer Experience. Another packed room of agents discussed the difference between customer service and truly investing in a customer experience. We reviewed the key areas every agency must nail down and spell out:
Awareness: What does someone think when they see your brand for the first time?
Sales Process: When they come through the door, what do they experience?
New Client Onboarding: How do we welcome a new client and share with them all the opportunity we have?
Renewal: What do we do at renewal that can enhance their experience?
Client Nurturing: Nailing down billing, claims, birthdays and more.
The attendees were very engaged and had some outstanding questions.

We were also happy to see a few friendly faces out at Germania! Some of these friends included:
Chris Paradiso, a long time client and friend
Matt Aaron from Insurance Agent App (In fact, Kelly & Matt shared a flight from IAOA to San Antonio together.)
Mike Stromsoe & Andrea Wyatt from Unstoppable Profit Producer

Thank you to the entire team at Germania for having us as a part of your event. If anyone would like to connect with Kelly Donahue-Piro, please feel free to schedule a time in her calendar here.

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