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Insurance Phone Calls: Tone Transcends Your Talk

They say it’s not what you say but how you say it and being married for 7 years I can tell you this is certainly true.  When speaking to an insured, your tone and choice of words matter. Think of your tone as the equivalent of using all CAPS in an email. All caps means what? It means you are yelling at the person. Sometimes our tone on calls with an insured is the equivalent of all caps in an email and we may not even be aware of it!

Studies show that 38% of a conversation is digested by tone. So does your agency have a tone? You may be thinking that it depends on the day or the person but to deliver an outstanding customer experience each and every agency should develop their own tone when working with clients. Take a moment to review some recent brand guides we have created for agencies.  There is an entire section on tone and how to present your agency. So the question is: What is the tone of your agency?

Here are some samples of different tones you can use for your agency:

  1. Authoritative
  2. Caring
  3. Cheerful
  4. Coarse
  5. Conservative
  6. Conversational
  7. Casual
  8. Dry
  9. Edgy
  10. Enthusiastic
  11. Formal
  12. Frank
  13. Friendly
  14. Fun
  15. Funny
  16. Humorous
  17. Informative
  18. Irreverent
  19. Matter-of-fact
  20. Nostalgic
  21. Passionate
  22. Playful
  23. Professional
  24. Provocative
  25. Quirky
  26. Respectful
  27. Romantic
  28. Sarcastic
  29. Serious
  30. Smart
  31. Snarky
  32. Sympathetic
  33. Trendy
  34. Trustworthy
  35. Unapologetic
  36. Upbeat
  37. Witty

We recommend narrowing this down to 3 tones you want to use with your customers. The tone may vary based on the scenario you are facing but for general calls you should be able to nail down a consistent tone.

Applying Tone In An Agency

We all know when someone is having a rough day. Generally it’s pretty apparent to everyone accept the person having the bad day. We find it very helpful to have a tone guide that clearly shows examples of how your agency should sound to clients. This may include:

  • Phone Greeting
  • Claims
  • Payment Concerns
  • Adding on a Youthful Driver
  • New Business
  • Renewal Review

When your agency is clear on the tone, we can all work to match the agency’s tone and take our own biases out of communication styles.




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