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Investing in Growth: A Recap from IIAT Joe Vincent Seminar in Austin

We’d like to extend a special thank you to IIAT for their recent event at Renaissance Marriott in Austin, Texas. We were privileged to be selected to share our Top 10 Objectives Every Successful Agency Practices and Smarketing: Sales Based Marketing. As we listened to some outstanding speakers around us, we knew we were right at home with our type of people!

We started off Monday morning with a mini TED-like talk about our sessions. This is where we were mesmerized by how dangerous hotel WiFi is with Bryan Seely, and then also learned tricks to keep ourselves organized with Andrew Mellen.

Later that afternoon our very own Kelly Donahue-Piro got to take the stage to review “The Top 10 Objectives Every Successful Agency Practices.” These included:
Routine Development of the Agency Culture
Forever Recruiting
Consistent Meetings
Performance Feedback Loop
Goal Setting & Incentive Plans
Consistent Training
Branding & Marketing
Target Markets
The session included a bit of role playing and a few giveaways (which if you did not get one, you can purchase them here). Stopping and thinking about the customer was a refreshing way to think about the customer first and build our processes around them rather than us! If anyone would like our sales scripts, you can also purchase them from our online store.

After a fun evening out we gathered again for day 2. In another packed room of agents we discussed the idea of sales based marketing, or Smarketing. Attendees learned the following:
What the heck is smarketing?
Why does branding matter to start smarketing?
Niche marketing and how to apply smarketing
Smarketing sales process
Database smarketing

We even put a few lucky live attendees on the spot and called their offices to see how the phone was answered. They all were compensated with some APP swag!

We were also happy to see a few friendly faces out at IIAT! Some of these friends included:
Andy Priesman with Cover Desk
Several outstanding APP & AA clients!

Thank you to the entire team at IIAT for having us as a part of your event. If anyone would like to connect with Kelly Donahue-Piro, please feel free to schedule a time in her calendar here.

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