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Developing and Engaging Leaders: Find the Sweet Spot

Posted on January 5, 2022 by Alex Arellano

Developing and Engaging Leaders: Find the Sweet Spot

As we work towards developing and engaging tomorrow’s leaders, we have to establish their position today. What does that mean? They need to find the sweet spot in your insurance agency. 

People work their best when they are in their niche, or their sweet spot, as we call it. This goes back to having the right person in the right seat. 


Have conversations with your team. Learn about who they are, what they are best at, and what makes them feel their best. Just as you would want an account manager to be someone consistent and detail oriented, you want producers to be those who chase the sale and prioritize relationships. They each have their thing.


As you learn, develop the story of this person in your head and work to understand what it is that would make 


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