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Our 6 month sales program hyper-focuses on setting and hitting monthly sales goals, personal development, effective tracking and accountability.  Our goal is to turn your agency into a sales-driven organization. The truth is many agents have never had any formal sales training.

After only three months we see on average a 30% boost in new business premium written.


2 Onsite Training Days

Designed Content

Interactive Session






Bi-Weekly Metrics to Show Results

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Bi-Weekly Coaching Calls


Plan of Attack



we are offering culture change


Training has temporary results. Building a sales culture sets your agency up for long term success. See our results in just three months.

36% Increase in Written Premium

n just 3 months, agencies experience a 36% increase in written premium over the previous three months.

57% increase in Apps Written

By building a sales culture, you see agents ask for all the policies - driving up your total policy count and defending your client against competition.

95% of agents would not go back

Once agents see the value of a solid sales process, they have no desire to go back to their old ways.

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Timeline & Content

 Watch Our First APPX Sales Video Training

We combine onsite and video training to cement in the sales culture you are looking for. Here is the first video your team would watch after the onsite training. Before the video your coach would go through your sales numbers with the entire team to drive performance!

Watch Our Video Training

Hartman Ellis, Allegan Michigan


Learn how this team went from a service culture to exceeding monthly sales goals.
Hartman Ellis Case Study

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Sales and Events Blog Post Template

Is your agency looking for ways to generate new leads? I know many agencies in this great country are. The challenge is we are always looking for someone to contact us when there is plenty of opportunity just sitting in our management systems if we are just willing to dive in, roll up our sleeves and get to work.

3 Role Playing (1)

Role playing…. why do agencies only do it when we are onsite? It’s a totally uncomfortable training opportunity. The thing is the more you do it, the easier it becomes. Agencies who have adopted it as part of their ongoing training strategy see a better customer experience and a happier team. The question is will you use these retention role playing strategies without us?

Overcoming Objections

Overcoming objections is part of sales. When you are the least expensive you’re merely collecting signatures, you’re not selling insurance. Objections help you continue to improve your sales skills. When someone takes the time to give you an objection, their head or their heart wants to go with you and they are giving you the opportunity to get the business.


Welcome to our third 3 Minute Training Video! On the 1st day of each month we will be releasing a free training video for you to share with your team. Each video will be no more than 3 minutes and it will share one strategy on leadership, sales, service or marketing. We encourage you to use these videos to start your team meeting, send around to your staff or just to enjoy yourself.

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