Agency Performance Partners is experienced in working in the following areas within your insurance agency: Personal Lines, Commercial Lines, Health & Life, Group Benefits, & Niche Markets. Agency Performance Partners has developed a 5 Step Performance Strategy™. Within the process insurance agency consultants review and assist your agency with the following areas:

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Areas of Concentration

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Marketing/Interest Generation:

We know what works from traditional marketing, digital marketing, social media, web properties and public relations. Our insurance agency marketing consultants have created a Marketing Performance Map that covers how to market to your current customers, prospects, lost business, unsold quotes and drive conversion by marketing to your quotes in process.

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Many agencies believe their retention is high, but few know their actual retention number. Once we understand your retention rate we can drive it up. Even a high retention rate can get better through our strategies. Every policy saved drives more to the bottom line.

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Sales Performance

Insurance is not all about price. You have to be able to convince a lead to stop shopping since they have found you! Many agents leave money on the table by not following up or asking for the business. Our sales trainers know how to get the most out of your staff.

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Infrastructure & Metrics

Your agency needs to have a focus on the agency numbers. We have defined the best practices of measuring your business as well as assisting in how to run reports and enter data correctly into your management system for accuracy.

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Running an insurance agency is no easy task. Investing in the leadership and management skills of you and your team decreases time spent wondering why something is not working. Our management consultants can help.

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Team Review

Your people are by far the agency’s biggest investment. Having the wrong people can throttle growth substantially. Understanding your team’s strengths and weaknesses allows you to make decisions in the business's best interest while training on any outstanding weaknesses.

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Processes and Procedures

Do you know who does, what, why, when and how? Today’s agency needs to constantly be driving efficiency while improving the customers experience. We analyze your current processes to determine if they are being followed consistently and provide critical feedback on ways to improve.

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Secret Shopper Calls

This is a great opportunity to know how your sales process is working. We conduct secret shopper calls to your agency to provide a comprehensive review on how with a few tweaks we can drive sales.

Be Inspired by this training video change to Learn More About Agency Performance Partners & Agency Appeal

We combine onsite and video training to cement in the sales culture you are looking for. Here is the first video your team will watch after the onsite training. Before the video your coach wll go through your sales numbers with the entire team to drive performance.