Overview of Customer Experience Presentation

Customer Experience Workshop

86% of people are willing to pay more for better service.  Knowing this your agency should have a ridiculously amazing customer experience which is your key to boosting retention, generating referrals and growing your business. Today’s direct writers have created an experience of cost savings, technology and efficiency. For many agencies the customer experience has been reactive – responding when a client needs something. To survive and thrive, modern agencies are investing in a strong customer experience that includes training, multiple touch points, proactivity and gratitude.

Overview of 5 New Challenges Presentation

5 New Agency Challenges

The independent insurance space is changing at a very rapid pace. For many agencies there is a wait and see mentality that can negatively impact future growth, sales and sustainability. Geico will spend over $1 billion dollars in advertising this year, as a local agent the time is now to get aggressive to not only tackle but also capitalize on your core challenges. At Agency Performance Partners we have identified 5 new agency challenges and we will clearly outline how to solve them.