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Why Does No Know One Want to Pick up the Phone

Posted on June 3, 2022 by Alex Arellano

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Why Does No One Want to Pick up the Phone? Interruption or Reason

Is it just us, or have you noticed that it seems that nobody wants to pick up the phone these days? Definitely in our personal lives, people are much more likely to send off a quick text before they pick up the phone, and that may be fine. But in our insurance agencies, this is a real thing, and it can lead to some real issues.

“Think about it, if that phone doesn’t ring, then we’re not in business, you know? The phone rings, that’s the reason why we exist. We answer that phone and we make an impression. We impress the heck out of those people. We answer that phone, that’s our time to shine.”


Why Does No One Want to Pick up the Phone? Set the Process

Why is it that it seems like no one wants to answer the phone at insurance agencies these days?

“The phone is the reason we exist. It is not something that is an inconvenience, although it might be in the moment, you might be thinking, the last thing I wanna do right now is talk to somebody, it’s part of our process, right?”


Why Does No One Want to Pick up the Phone? Don’t Take It Out on the DOFI

Almost everyone in an insurance agency knows this scenario: the phone starts ringing, and it seems like no one wants to answer it. Everyone feels like they’re too busy to pick up the phone, or that the phone call will only interrupt them.

“The key to it is the phone ringing is opportunity. We have to answer that phone if the phone’s ringing. It’s why we exist. On the other end of that call is someone with a need.”


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