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Why Can’t Account Managers & Producers Get Along: The Way They Are Paid

Posted on December 6, 2021 by Alex Arellano

Why Can’t Account Managers & Producers Get Along: The Way They Are Paid

Have you ever wondered why account managers and producers just can’t seem to get along? It’s an agency phenomenon we see across the board, and this week, we’re diving into this issue. One of the main reasons we’ve found? The way account managers and producers get paid. 

“We should be in a zero excuse environment. And the idea is you are also a team.”

What exactly does that mean? Account managers and producers can’t get along because of the way they’re paid, since their motives oppose one another. Account managers and producers are sort of diametrically opposed. 

For example, a producer typically will have a compensation structure heavily weighted on commission, so in order to pay the bills, producers understand that they need to go out there and get after it. On the other hand, account managers have a typical salary, possibly with some incentives and bonuses. What this means is that account managers and producers might hold grudges against each other related to pay. 

The way account managers and producers get paid can cause friction, but at the end of the day, we should be in a “zero excuse” environment, and be working as a team. This means you have to have each other’s backs. Everyone needs to work to understand each other’s pay structure and prioritize acting as a team, in order to truly get along and deliver excellent work.


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