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Ways To Retain More Insurance Customers | Retention Booster

Posted on September 8, 2023 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Are you looking at ways to retain more insurance customers?

Who isn’t! When you can boost retention every single new policy you sell is worth more. In addition, if you have happy customers who are staying with your agency you generally also have happy team members! Retaining customers can be a challenge but its a hill worth climbing! The best way we have found to increase insurance client retention is to make proactive annual renewal reviews. It may seem impossible – calling every client annually for a review? However, it’s not! It’s usually a challenge to get everything started but once there is a rhythm it becomes easier.

Remember most clients leave us for the following reasons:

  • Indifference: They don’t feel strongly about the service they are getting so why not shop?
  • Price: We do not know the price trigger that can cause client deflection – every client is different
  • Life/Business Change: If we don’t stay in contact with clients when they do have a chance they may not remember to call us and go elsewhere
  • Coverage Gaps: If a client does start shopping another agent will surely bring up coverage gaps.

This makes sure your policies are tight and right. We see many agencies get into the sell a policy loose a policy mentality. Instead by focusing in ways to retain more insurance customers you can move from new business or service to the true goal: Agency Growth!

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