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The Mayor Heath Shearon Has Joined the APP Team

Posted on November 25, 2021 by Alex Arellano

The Mayor Heath Shearon Has Joined the APP Team

In this episode of the Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Agent podcast, host Kelly Donahue-Piro welcomes Heath Shearon, the newest member of APP Team!


Episode Highlights:

  • Heath expresses his excitement about being a new member of the APP team. (1:54)
  • Heath shares his incredible background.  (3:03)
  • Heath reveals that Kelly will also participate in the Insurance Town Podcast from time to time. (7:52)
  • Heath discusses his first IAOA experience. (8:30)
  • Heath discusses his passion for agents and his role in the insurance industry.  (12:32)
  • Heath mentions that working with agents and helping them in the growth of their books has always been a passion of his. (14:36)
  • Heath discusses the Insurance Town podcast’s history and concept. (16:32)
  • Heath explains why the best advice he can give in two or three minutes is: be able to identify a lane in a niche that you could enter. (22:08)
  • Heath discusses a cool aspect of the course that they will be launching. (30:57)
  • Heath discusses the importance of playing to your strengths. (34:03)


Key Quotes:

  • “It’s always been a passion for me to work with agents and help them to grow their book. And no matter how successful I was, I want to see the next guy be as successful as I was or more successful for that matter.” – Heath Shearon
  • “No matter how much tech you have, no matter how much you have automated in your agency, the relationship still matters. It always will.” – Heath Shearon
  • “One of the key things that you have to look for in a producer is work ethic. If they don’t have that, and they’re inherently lazy, then no matter what you train them on, or teach them on, it’s not gonna sink.” – Heath Shearon


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