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How to Run an Effective Agency Meeting

We find so many agencies don’t run nearly enough meetings because it can quickly become out of control. Either the agency owner spends hours putting together a grand agenda that no one seems engaged in or we all think we have nothing to say. Both strategies are equally wrong. What you need is a meeting agenda that is efficient and effective.

We recommend meeting agendas that instantly make the team engaged, follow a simple outline that you use over and over (so you aren’t spending hours prepping) and help enhance communication. Too many agency meetings get negative far too quickly. So if you have abandoned meetings, now is a great time to re-engage. Here is our Agency Performance Partners/Agency Appeal Weekly Meeting Agenda


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Calls Made (Jarrod)

Deals Added (Jarrod)

What Was Sold (Kelly)

What Wasn’t (Kelly)



Review of stumbling blocks


Goals Update

Jarrod Goals

Daniela Goals


Process to Review
New Client Welcome Process

Social Media Likes Process

11:20 – 11:25

One Word Close

Kelly Donahue Piro

Kelly Donahue-Piro is a game changer in the insurance industry. As the Founder and President of Agency Performance Partners and Co-Founder of the sister marketing company, Agency Appeal, she’s an in-demand speaker at regional and national insurance conferences and a social media and digital marketing trailblazer. READ MORE

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