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Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Podcast – Planning Ahead the Vacation Months

In today’s episode, we discuss the importance of planning for the holiday period ahead of time. Having a vacation policy and clear boundaries of when everyone gets their holidays avoids short-staffing during busy times at most agencies. Ask for vacation time early on and work out summer holiday working hours in April, not in June or July. 

As Dave says, it’s also good for agencies to scale back on projects during the summer. If you know you’ll be short-staffed, it’s wise to have a plan. It’s also good to have a plan when coming out of the busy period. Tips include: offering overtime to staff, having objective discussions about working hours, and hitting the accelerator during the low season. 

Having a structure and a plan goes a long way when it comes to the holiday season. There’s nothing worse than going on vacation and worrying about all the work you have to do and being terrified of coming back. Make sure everyone’s holidays are fairly distributed and are happy with the company’s working system. 

In this episode we discuss:

  • Our plans for August
  • The importance of having a plan during vacation months
  • Why agencies should scale back on projects during the summer
  • Tips when coming out of a busy time
  • How to make sure everyone gets their vacation

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Kelly Donahue Piro

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