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Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Podcast – Overcoming Objections/Concerns

Our topic on this episode of The Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Podcast is overcoming objections/concerns. We’ve all heard the classic objections and tried to answer the customers sufficiently, but wouldn’t it be nice to go into each conversation with a customer prepared to address their concerns on the spot? Here are some quick pointers to keep in mind:

  • Be prepared – Have scripts or go-to phrases at your disposal so you aren’t surprised when a customer says that they are hung up on price or need to talk to their spouse before making a decision.
  • Embrace their concerns – Most of their objections/concerns come from a place of fear, so empathize with the customer so they know that you really do understand, then you can inform them of their options and offer them the coverages you would recommend.
  • Be on the customer’s team – As discussed in “The Lost Art of Closing”, the new way of thinking in sales is to be on the same team as the customer, rather than being combative in your responses to their objections.
  • Acknowledge the main objection – If you mention price being a potential deterrent upfront, the customer knows that you get where they are coming from and you want to help them.
  • Build rapport – Think of your customers as relationships rather than accounts. Take an interest in them and ask clarifying questions along the way.
  • Share value – Usually objections come up in the absence of sharing real value, so be sure to talk with the customer about your services as an independent agent.
  • Find out why they called you – Ask them early on in the first conversation why they called you. If they say something about their coverages or wanting better customer service and then later in the call tell you that they have an issue with price, you can point them back to their original intent in calling.
  • Don’t email quotes – Take the time to give them a quote over the phone so you can hear their response and continue the conversation.
  • Draw from real stories – Don’t use hypothetical examples of claims when explaining your coverages to customers; use real stories of real people, even yourself, to demonstrate how you can help them.
  • Follow up – If the customer wants a few days to think it over, set up a follow up call with them before you hang up the phone. By committing to a certain time, you are demonstrating that you are reliable and you are increasing the likelihood that they will choose you as their agent.


“The Lost Art of Closing”:

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