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Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Podcast – October 2020

Our topic on this episode of the Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Agents Podcast is how to challenge the traditional thought processes on how we do business to adapt to the current work environment. As we have begun the final quarter of the year, it is a good time to evaluate where we are and adapt our approach to finish the year strong without making excuses because of COVID. These four adaptations of our usual perspectives could be a great place to start:

  1. Networking events – Since these look different virtually and it is hard to connect one-on-one, consider reaching out to a few past clients, current clients, vendor contacts, and people who have engaged heavily with you digitally for a virtual one-on-one. The purpose of these meetings is just to catch up and touch base, not to sell anyone anything.
  2. Zoom meetings – Everyone is suffering from Zoom fatigue these days because of the immense energy it takes to constantly be “on” and gauge the nonverbals of everyone else on the call. Instead of scheduling one more virtual meeting, try out a one-way video service that allows you to send personalized videos to get your message across but let them get to it on their own time.
  3. Pick up the phone – Since COVID started, it seems like everyone has reverted to Zoom, emails, or texts, but the sales process goes best over the phone. If you are out of practice or looking to improve, practice role playing:
    1. As a sales group
    2. Practice getting through the agency gatekeeper
    3. Call 10 otherwise-useless leads
    4. Then it’s primetime!
  4. Utilize tools – If you are not active on social media, choose one channel and commit to consistently publishing content there. Create video and text content and get it out there regardless of how comfortable you feel doing it because this is the best way to build brand awareness and start to fill your pipeline.

Kelly urges listeners to act now on these mindset shifts to make the last quarter of the year carry you through to the new year!

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