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Ridiculously Amazing Insurance Podcast – June 2020 How to move forward and thrive in the wake of the Covid – 19 Pandemic

Posted on June 17, 2020 by Deanna Hotham

In this episode, Kelly discusses how people in leadership positions can move forward to help their companies and organizations thrive in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kelly lists a few things leadership should be concerned with to stay ahead of the waters:

  1. Consistency.
    1. We are consistently inconsistent, which is a learned behavior.

When it comes to leadership, people are going to be looking to you for consistency. What gets measured gets done, which means you need to actually check in on your initiatives.

  1. When you know what to expect, you’re prepared for it.
    1. Don’t be happy about disappointments, but you should expect them. Making excuses can really mar your attempts to succeed.
    2. You can’t optimize calls that aren’t being made.
    3. Inspect what you expect — be upfront about it.
  2. Cutting the middle.

The mindset of most producers is that they will have a good idea of the problem, but struggle with describing any kind of solution. Define success and tell people what to do if they can’t get there. The only time we’re disappointed in you if you don’t raise your hand and ask for help. Make sure to retrain your team to reframe their problems. Make sure you’re serious about letting people know they need to ask for help.

  1. You should have a monthly meeting with your team.
    1. Doesn’t have to be a very serious meeting, but rather one to gauge the temperature of the room.
  2. You should definitely have a meeting at a minimum of every two weeks.
    1. Look at wins and lessons for the time.
    2. Metrics, or data.
    3. Training or open forum.
    4. Send out agendas for these meetings.
  3. Everyone should have an annual review.
    1. It’s honest and transparent.
    2. People deserve to know where they stand and how they’re doing.
    3. Everyone should be looking to some kind of raise or increase every year.
  4. Bring fun into the office, too.
    1. Get creative about how you can use this to recognize people.
    2. Consider giving intentional recognition.
    3. Make note of the tiny wins every single day.

And the most important one:

  1. You have to have a(n attainable) vision.
    1. Whether it’s two or three things a quarter, pick some things and stick with them.
  2. You have you, your mission, and your team.
    1. These three things must all be working in harmony.
    2. Break down the plan.
    3. Your troops are not there to go off in their own directions.

As a leader, you need to have a mission, and you need to have a plan.

For many people in insurance, they lack confidence. Instead of setting goals, they drift. And unfortunately, people never hit their potential as an agent.

Boil everything down to lists. As strange as it sounds, putting little wins can really help. Kelly even has giving compliments on her list of things to do.

The agents with Kelly’s company have live options, where they’ll fly out to you. They also have video options for a little bit less money. You can also buy virtual consulting hours with Kelly and her team in order to learn some more and collaborate.

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