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Q&A Insurance Tip Wednesday: Why September Rocks For Insurance Agency’s

Posted on September 3, 2014 by Kelly Donahue Piro

Q&A Insurance Tip Wednesday: Why September Rocks For Insurance Agency’s 

Yes, it is September.

The Pumpkin Spice Latte is back, kids are in school and its time to get focused. If you know me I hate Summer for 1 reason, it is way harder to do business. Everyone is focused more on vacation schedules than work! I view September as New Years, it’s a fresh start.

Check out this week’s tip on how to focus and finish between now and the holiday!

Transcription below:

Hi, it’s Kelly Donahue-Piro here from Agency Performance Partners and can you believe it? It is September already. I know I can’t believe it, but I have to say I’m pretty excited. There’s one thing that happens every September that I love, and it’s almost like a clean slate, right. So the kids are back to school, vacation time is over, we have straight shot in through the holidays where we can really make a go of it. I know during the summer it’s hard, people are off, you can’t get ahold of them, so I like to use September as a clean slate. All the things that you’re doing in the past, think about them, are we doing them the right way? Are we just doing them because they’re easy to do this way? What can we do differently to be more efficient?

But the big thing is, is that if you’ve had a depressing summer or maybe things didn’t go your way, you had things that weren’t working out, now’s a great time to review them. The other great thing about September is that recruiting picks up. So you don’t have the moms that are at home with the kids all day or trying to figure out how to adjust with the summer vacations around and change jobs. It’s a great time if you’re looking for new talent to get out there before the holidays. We really have a very small window, you have September, October and into a little bit of November. So I want everybody to focus and finish on making these next ten weeks or so really impactful, but it’s important that you think about it.

Clean slate, fresh start, give yourself a big boost and say we need to focus and finish and execute during the next few weeks. So I’m a big fan of September 1st, you get into a routine, you get into the rhythm, everything going smoothly and for me I say summers to last all through September but you’re just running a little bit of a different schedule. So make sure you take full advantage of it and get out there, sell some insurance and have some fun, execute on the things that you know matter. But I want everybody to think of September as a big, clean slate, and you only have ten weeks to really make a go for it before everybody gets all tied up with the holidays.

So that’s your Q&A Wednesday of how to make the most of this September. Don’t forget to send me any of your Q&A Wednesday topics. I love them. So I always get to hear some new question or issue inside of an agency that I can help solve. So be sure to email me with any of your questions and I’ll see you here next Wednesday.