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Q3 2019 Workbook – Time Management

Posted on September 4, 2019 by agencyperformancepartners@dev

Agency Performance Partners is very excited to share their freshly minted workbook for Q3: Time Management – Increase Productivity and Bring Proactivity Back to Your Agency!

Insurance agents all over the country tell our Performance Consultants all the time that they are “too busy”. It is Kelly’s mission to help your agency eradicate “busy” from your vocabulary – to stop being just busy and become productive.

This workbook is a labor of love for APP, not only because it shares some skills that we try to put into practice here, but also because we know it can help you reshape your mindset on time and make a huge difference with how you use your very valuable, yet finite, time each day.

We hope the ideas in this workbook will help you greatly, and we hope you’ll ask us about AppX Time Management! Our Performance Consultants help you take the skills in this workbook, plus many more, to your agency and put them to practice for yourself and your staff. Watch stress levels decrease, productivity and teamwork increase, and morale improve as well!

Get excited to seize back your day and your proactivity!

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