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Post Outperform Your Competition – Seattle

Posted on September 11, 2019 by agencyperformancepartners@dev

Thank You For Attending Our Workshop in Seattle!

We are excited to give you access to the presentations from our Outperform Your Competition Workshop, as promised! Below, find all that you need. We hope you will take these back to your teams!

Accepting and Resolving Pricing Concerns for New & Existing Clients

The average American is hit with 30 insurance advertising impressions every day.  The vast majority of these are about saving money. Unfortunately, insurance agents tend to get caught up in this idea as well. We often sell on price and are accepting of price as a legitimate objection when working on a new sale or a remarket.  We need to understand there is always another reason why someone purchases a policy or leaves the agency. This presentation covers:

  • Defining Roles
  • Using the Ridiculously Amazing Sales Process to Avoid Objections
  • Using the Ridiculously Amazing Renewal Call Process to Avoid Objections

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Identifying and Adjusting Sales Process by Personality Type

We cannot treat everyone the same and expect strong results.  While following a very specific sales process is the foundation to sales success, being able to adjust how we interact and what we say, based on the prospect’s personality, helps adjust the sales process to the unique personality type of each prospect. This presentation covers:

  • Defining the 4 Personality Types
  • How to Identify Each of the 4 Personality Types
  • How to Use This Information in Your Sales Process

 Get the "Sales Process by Personality Type" Presentation

Managing Change

Change is inevitable inside of any insurance agency.  However, managing the changes and working through them can still be challenging. For many roles within an agency, the key to limiting mistakes, improving efficiency, and establishing comfort through change, is the ability to understand and execute processes effortlessly. This presentation covers:

  • Why is Change Difficult?
  • Timeline of Change
  • Common Feelings About Change
  • Strategies to Deal with Change

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Ridiculously Amazing Sales Process

44% of salespeople give up after 1 follow up and 80% of sales require 5 follow ups.   Knowing this statistic, what do we need to do to overcome it? The answer is to spend time sharpening your sales prowess through training and execution. In this presentation, we cover:

  • Building Rapport
  • Insurance Interrogation
  • Quote Sheet vs. Quoting on the Phone
  • Set Expectations
  • Delivering the Quote
  • Selling the Policy
  • Asking for the Business

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Time Management

Are you sick of the word “busy” in your agency? Everyone is incredibly busy, but we should be striving each and every day to be productive. In working with agencies, we have found many areas where agency team members can improve time management to help free themselves up to do the proactive work that truly matters. In this presentation, we cover:

  • Common Time Traps
  • Time Apathy
  • Time Management is Time Energy
  • 10 Steps to Better Time Management

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