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[PODCAST BANTER] Insurance Renewal Retention Strategies | Increase Time Reduce Stress

Posted on September 23, 2022 by Camille Maraguinot

Do you sometimes question how your insurance agency can increase client retention?

Establishing a solid Insurance Renewal Strategies will make your team and clients happy as well as increase the bottom line with better sales.

Let’s face it, renewable revenue is a great benefit of running an insurance agency. When agencies get to a certain size, retaining customers can become more difficult.

The last thing any insurance agency wants is to get on the hampster wheel of selling a policy just to lose it. The challenge is that the customer has changed.

Agencies need to stop thinking about what’s easiest for them and lean into a customer-centric approach to how we serve our ideal customer.


In this episode Insurance Renewal Strategies, we will break down how we see insurance agencies driving retention. We will review the following retention strategies agencies can use to increase client relations:

✅ Being Proactive Rather than Reactive

✅ Cross Selling Clients so No Other Agency can work with them

✅ Moving clients to EFT or Pay in Full Strategies

✅ Follow up, Follow Through and Documentation

✅ Customer Service Skills

✅ Customer Service Supported By Technology


Check out this week’s blog with details that will increase retention: THE BLOG. 

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