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The Most Powerful Thing Producers Can Do

Posted on March 11, 2018 by Kelly Donahue Piro

[Video Transcription]

So if you’re a producer, what’s your plan every week? Having a plan every week is the key to being a world-class, amazeballs producer. So do we need to produce more or do you need more effects? The reality of the situation is modern insurance production is really about activity. Now, if you’ve built a book of business and you’re just generating off of referrals, we’re not really talking about you. We’re talking about that need to grow, put the kids through college producer out there that really needs to be generating an awful lot of activity to stay competitive and to really fuel their families.

What we’ve found over time is that most producers, unfortunately, don’t really have a plan. They kind of bump into things on an ongoing basis. We want to change that and say for a producer to succeed, every Friday afternoon, you have to build your plan for the week. If you don’t know what you’re doing Monday morning and know who you’re going to call, who you’re going to stop by, what you’re attending, what’s going to happen is you’re going to get into what we call a rollercoaster. That means some months you’re on fire, and the next month’s not so pretty. That makes you, and often times your spouse, kind of nervous. You have a good plan, you’re constantly feeding your pipeline and that leads to success.

You want consistent success that really, truly reaches your true potential, right, or do you want to be a mediocre producer, that at the end of year rode a lot of rollercoasters, but didn’t really hit their true potential? So what do we recommend every producer do every week religiously no matter what?

The first thing is we recommend that you pick ten cherry-picked opportunities from either lost business, unsold quotes or past monoline business. These need to be ten people that you know you’ve got a good shot, low-hanging fruit. You need to call them three times that week and, if you can, send them a quote in the mail. Yes, the mail, people still open handwritten notes far more than email. Don’t be lazy. The great news is if you talk to them, you don’t have to prep that quote up, but this is really going ahead and harvesting your database, which is critical for your growth.

Next, you need to attend one community event per week. Yes, get your face out there! If you are trapped behind the prison that is your desk, you will never get out and meet more people. Who’s attending those events? Business owners, high-level people in your community, the more you’re seen, the more you’re going to get brand awareness, the more opportunity you’ll generate. You also need to be meeting with one center of influence every week. Coffee, lunch, whatever it is. Get out there, get your face seen because that’s going to generate the new business that you need. You also need to make those thirty day follow-up phone calls for referrals. So build that into your week. Following up on your unsold quotes religiously is also critical, and posting on social media so your brand image keeps fuelling.

The bottom line is take a look at our producer planning template so that you can be successful, but don’t walk in Monday morning without a plan. You’re starting off your week incorrectly and that’s not going to help you hit your maximum potential. We’ll see you next month for our next 3-minute video.