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Need More Leads, Let Me Tell You What To Do

Do you need more leads?

95% of sales agents would say yesssssss.

Well I have the answer for you.  You have them, right there in your management system.

Open it up and let’s get started on finding you the best of the best, cherry picked, hand selected qualified leads that you most likely already have an application for.

First things first, let’s run a lost business report for 3-5 years ago. This is when most people will get the itch to shop, their rates have most likely increased and they are looking for simple ways to save some money.  Now go through the list by expiration date and pick 10 to call next week. Remember you get to pick, so find the extra special ones.

Next, see if you can find unsold quotes. This may be in your rater, in files or (if you were smart) right in your management system. Run the report, sort by expiration date and pick 10 quality people that didn’t see the value of you the first time.

Ok, third – run a list of your renewals. Sort by expiration date. Call them to see if they have any changes, any other policies or tee it up for a nice referral. Grab 10.

Now that you have your list, it’s time to get to work. Block off 1 hour per day (yes, per day) as your Golden Hour of Calls. This has to be the most sacred time in your schedule. No excuses. Call all 30 people 3 times that week. If you can’t get them, send them a quote in the mail on Friday. Don’t worry, you aren’t sounding too salsey.  You are helping them to build awareness in you and your team.

If you follow this CONSISTENTLY (remember anything in life done consistently works) it works. If you only make 1 call or call every other week don’t expect results. Instead, work the leads right under your nose and it will lead you to success.

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Our agencies tell the story

“Kelly had some awesome tips and is very knowledgeable on the subject. Love how she is also very down to earth and easy to talk with!”

Lindsey Hamm

Welsh's Insurance Agency

“I think this process was very beneficial and I think we are in a position for a very strong year and the future is very bright. I was able to take account of myself through our interviews and discussions and have found many areas in which I personally need to improve. You have also given me a sense of direction going forward to be a better boss, person and mentor to our staff.”


Preferred Insurance Center

“Great to work with ! Very understanding of the initial frustration and trained/encouraged us on how to handle the change in work processes.”

Kelly Nielsen

Customer Service Agent
Sheets, Forrest, Draper

“I feel your visit to our agency was very beneficial. For me, it was like a therapy session and the Amnesty Day was a great idea. I feel refreshed and I have a much better attitude. The attitude of the entire agency has improved immensely. I think we are striving to work more as a team. We are trying to be more encouraging to each other and to applaud each other’s accomplishments. Thanks for being a nice, caring person!”

Phyllis Buening

Preferred Insurance Center

“We are so grateful for you and all you have done to help our agency and our team. We are all now part of the big picture and it has changed the whole dynamic for the better. APP Rocks!!!!!”

Maegan Burbank

Insurance Specialist

“I want to thank you for stopping by the office, evaluating, listening and hearing us. I feel like the mood of the office has improved 100%. I also feel appreciated. We will have some hurdles to overcome, but I think we should get through them. The Tigger has been passed around a bit.”


Account Manager
Preferred Insurance Center

“I’m glad you came out to talk to all of us. It seems to have helped the attitude in the office. Still have our moments, but much better. Dan has improved, also. He seems to be listening to us more and getting our input. Thanks for your help.”


Account Manager
Preferred Insurance Center