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Managing An Insurance Agency — 4 Videos On Strategy

Posted on February 12, 2021 by Louis Herrero

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If you are an Insurance Agent 2021 stop and take a moment to watch these videos to help you become ridiculously amazing this year.


Are Your Insurance Goals Connecting With Your Team?

Now that we’re in the beginning of February, you may be feeling something that’s all-too-common this time of year. It goes like this: you started the year off strong with goals and energy, and you were excited to hit the ground running.

Is There Insurance Producer vs. Account Manager Tension in Your Insurance Agency?

Insurance producers vs. customer service, if you run an agency you may deal with this issue daily. Someone is unhappy with someone else. Why can’t everyone just work together like a team? In my experience it usually both parties that have some accountability in a failure to delight a client.

Are You Working Below Your Insurance Pay Grade?

This topic may be a little controversial, but it needs to be discussed, if you want to be a Ridiculously Amazing Agent in 2021: are you working below your insurance pay grade? There is a wide variety of different tasks and jobs that an insurance agent can take on, but the question is, should they be taking them on?

Are You Too Nice of an Insurance Manager?

Work-life culture and insurance agency management can be tricky waters to navigate. While everyone wants to feel comfortable in their work environment, and leaders want their employees to feel supported, it’s very possible for lines to be blurred when it comes to agency culture.

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