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How To Make Recommendations to Your Clients

If you are trying to make proactive renewal calls here are the best tips on how to go after opportunities in your calls!

Goal-To recommend discounts, increases and other lines of coverage.

Things to Remember:

  • You are licensed to educate your client on what they need to protect what they work hard for
  • If you don’t educate them, who will?
  • Your recommendations help them understand when to call you and you show your value

Talking Points (see your booklet for additional details) :

  • Discounts: “I see here you qualify for a few new discounts, I’m so glad we spoke!”
  • Increase: “In reviewing your account I noticed something I want  to review with you. Let me tell you what I recommend”
  • Monoline: “I noticed you are missing the largest discount your carrier offers.  Do you mind if I gather a few pieces of information so I can investigate it for you?”
  • Multi-Line – Adding Additional Lines They Have With Another Agent: Did you know we also offer “policy type” here? Your carrier provides a discount when you combine policies and you can also save time and hassle by using one agent.  All we need is the following to get started.”
  • Adding Umbrella: “Because you have XYZ we recommend an umbrella policy.   Let me tell you about it.”
  • Life Insurance Referral- Who is your life insurance agent? When’s the last time it has been reviewed?”

Kelly Donahue Piro

Kelly Donahue-Piro is a game changer in the insurance industry. As the Founder and President of Agency Performance Partners and Co-Founder of the sister marketing company, Agency Appeal, she’s an in-demand speaker at regional and national insurance conferences and a social media and digital marketing trailblazer. READ MORE

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