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Is Your Agency Ready For An Increase In Rate Concern Calls

Posted on May 20, 2022 by Alex Arellano

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Is Your Agency Ready for an Increase In Rate Concern Calls: Expect the Calls

Picture this: it’s the first thing on Monday morning. You’re armed with your coffee in hand, and you’re ready to have a productive week. But then a call comes in: someone who isn’t just mad, but completely pissed off about their insurance rate increase.

“Remember, when they’re calling us they are not calling our competition. So expect the call and be kind.”


Is Your Agency Ready for an Increase In Rate Concern Calls: Have Empathy

We know that rate concern calls are on the rise, because of inflation, and other rising costs. Yesterday, we discussed that we should be prepared for an increase in these rate concern calls, and should have a plan. Today, we’re talking about how to show up on those rate concern calls.

“That’s part of what we do as insurance agents. Sometimes we have to be that counsel and we just listen to what they’re saying.”


Is Your Agency Ready for an Increase In Rate Concern Calls: Discount & Review

All this week we’re talking about preparing for an increase in rate concern calls, as rates rise due to inflation and other economic factors. Instead of feeling irritated that customers are calling, we’re focusing on being prepared for these calls, and seeing these calls as an opportunity.

“So we can’t just have a two minute call and say, “Oh, I’ll shop you and get back to you.” That is not a great customer experience. That’s a transaction.”


Is Your Agency Ready for an Increase In Rate Concern Calls: Remarket Expectations

You’ve definitely noticed it happening: an increase in rate concern calls. Prices are on the rise all over the place, inflation is on the rise, and people are looking for ways to save money. So they turn to you, their trusty insurance agent, and call you about their rising rates.

We already spoke about being prepared for these calls, practicing empathy with our customers, and foregoing re-shopping to instead do a thorough scrub of the account and look for discounts. 


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