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Insurance Time Management for Managers: What to Delegate

Posted on December 1, 2020 by Deanna Hotham

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Insurance Time Management for Managers: What to Delegate

Insurance time management for managers is different than managing your time for frontline staff in an agency. You have multiple items to juggle such as reviews, carrier meetings and management team tasks. While we focus on how team members can stay efficient, we wanted to do a special video just for you. As you’re planning for next year, this video will help you stay focused by using your email or management system to keep you on track for the non-client related tasks. The biggest way you can let down your team is by being late on deliverables that assist them or hold back their progress. Make sure you are clear on what to delegate for the best experience. Need help banishing the word “busy” in your insurance agency? Check out our AppX Time Management Program:

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